Common Storm Damage

As a homeowner, you want to be informed on everything that could potential impact your home. During these tough winter months, your roof is susceptable to all kinds of damage. Today, we'll look at 4 common storm damage threats to your home.

1. Hight Winds

High winds that come with stormy weather can cause major damage to your shingles. Shingles can crack, bend, or fly off completely, leaving your home exposed and vulnerable to the elements. This can cause further damage to your roof and your home's interior. After a storm, be sure to examine your roof for any damage to the shingles. If you see signs of shingle damage, contact us immediately to avoid further damage to your home.

2. Hail

Hailstorms typically do not last for long periods of time, but they can certainly cause a large amount of damage in just a few short minutes. Hail can cause dents, missing asphalt, bruising and/or cracking in your shingles. Again, damaged shingles leave your home open for further damage. If a hailstorm passes through, please examine your roof immediately & call us if there are any signs of damage. If you aren't sure, we'll examine the roof for you!

3. Debris

We all know that, after a large storm, there is debris everywhere. Limbs from trees, objects from the neighborhood, even yard furniture can be tossed about and land on your roof. These objects can cause impact damage that might not be visible on the surface. If anything lands on your roof, please contact us to give it a thorough inspection.

4. Standing Water

Many might think that standing water is only a problem for flat roofs. This is not so! While flat roofs without proper drainage will incur standing water, backed up gutters on your home's slant roof can cause the same problem. This standing water can back up and cause damage underneath your shingles. The lesson: Keep your gutters clean! If you see standing water on your roof, be sure to call us immediatley for an inspection.

While there are many other causes of roof damage from storms, these are the most common. Again, if you see (or just suspect) any of these threats to your roof, do not wait to call! We will fix the damage, help you prevent further damage, and even handle your insurance claims!

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