No Contact Process

During these uncertain times, we are committed to providing our customers with the same amount of support and ..... as always. Thankfully, RiverLand is considered an essentail business and, therefore, is able to continue operating as usual. Should your roof need repair or replacement, rest assured that we are taking every necessary precaution to ensure the safety of our customers and employees.

Did you know that in order to request and receive any of our services, you never have to come in physical contact with us? Every service we offer can be done remotely, electronically, and without any in person meetings. Of course, our workers will have to be physically present to complete a job, but you never even have to come outside to talk to them while the job is underway!

Say you are in need of a roof replacement. Here is what the process would look like:

Step 1: Once you call to request an estimate, we will take measurements of your roof using our aerial photo measurement application. This just means we will use a drone over your home to take the necessary measurements.

Step 2: After measurements are taken and the job is accessed, we will send you our estimate and proposal electronically - either by email or text message.

Step 3: Once you have accepted our offer, you will then choose your shingle color. We have tools that allow you to view your home with each choice! All that is left to do is to sign the contract and make your deposit - both of which can be done electronically as well.

Step 4: Our crew will come to your home or business to complete the agreed upon job.

Of course, we are available by phone or email throughout this entire process. It couldn't be simpler!

Please give us a call today or request a free estimate through our website. We would love to help you check off some of your home improvement projects during this time.