You put a lot into your business, and it deserves a roof that will last for decades. RiverLand Roofing supplies years of reliable service with our trained, experienced personnel, as well as top of the line GAF roofing products. We are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations and guarantee the highest quality work delivered on budget and on time. 

No matter what challenges you face as a business owner, RiverLand has you covered. We have the products and services to treat even the most difficult roofing problems; such as:  

Leaks/water intrusion – This is the number one challenge for most buildings. It can result in deteriorating substrate conditions, interior and property damage, devaluation of the structure, and interruption of occupancy.

Existing roof & wall deficiencies – These can be anything from cracks, damage, and points of failure in existing roof systems. These can either be simply cosmetic, or they could be symptoms of much more serious structural issues.

Cool roof compliance: Local building codes, energy costs, and effect of absorbed heat must be considered

Property maintenance: in many cases, property maintenance is tied to visual appearance, and lesser-quality coatings require more frequent maintenance and recoats.

..just to name a few!


RiverLand’s GAF liquid-applied coating solutions help eliminate points of failure. Contractors love the simple installation, wide range of technologies, and proven track record of GAF brands. Most products do not require expensive equipment to install and are safe to handle and apply. The monolithic design prevents failure and eliminates leaks and resultant callbacks, providing peace of mind. Business owners appreciate the value that GAF products bring. Reliable solutions mean not having to replace entire roofs; non-toxic application prevents interruption of occupancy or other undesirable effects. The reflective, durable characteristics of many of our coatings provide energy savings and long-term aesthetic stability.


RiverLand offers roof coatings in both acrylic and silicone form. Acrylic roof coatings provide excellent durability and can be installed over existing roofing systems. These coatings are reflective and very easy to install and maintain. GAF Is the leader in acrylic roof coatings, having supplied nearly a billion square feet of product throughout the last 5 decades.

Benefits of GAF acrylic roof coatings:

Reflective –These coatings reflect the sun’s heat, dramatically lowering the roofs temperature and, in turn, reduces energy costs

Versatile – Acrylic liquid-applied coatings can be applied over existing substrates and on virtually any flat or low-slope roof.

Monolithic – A roof is only as strong as its weakest point, and with the liquid applied coating solution, the entire roof becomes a singular membrane, eliminating points of failure.
Approvals – GAFs United Coatings Roof Mate Coating has been independently tested and is rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council, & is approved by many accredited organizations.

GAF supplies high volume solids, premium elastomeric silicone coatings (United Coatings) that provide superior weatherproofing, ultraviolet resistance, resistance to biological growth, and fire resistance over polyurethane foam insulation and other appropriate substrates. These products are also often used in high moisture climates for their fast-drying characteristics

Benefits of GAF United silicone coatings:

Long term performance

Continued flexibility

Fire resistance

Resistance to algae and mildew growth

Superior waterproofing

Ultraviolet resistance


In addition to roof repair and replacement, we also offer maintenance contracts! You change your oil and get regular tune ups to maintain optimum functionality over the life of your vehicle, so why would you not do the same for major investments that cover your business? Cover what matters most with our maintenance contract.